Free Steering Wheels Locks

person holding steering wheel of car

The New Jersey State Police (NJSP) is distributing free steering wheel locks to owners at three of their stations, including Totowa. 

The wheel locks, which have been provided by the NJSP’s Auto Theft Task Force and Hyundai, are available at the following NJSP stations:

  • Hamilton Station: 1400 Negron Drive, Hamilton
  • Totowa Station: 250 Minnisink Road, Totowa
  • Buena Vista Station: 1045 NJ-54, Williamstown

The wheel locks are being provided in response to a nationwide spike in thefts of Kias and Hyundais due to the vehicles’ ignition switches and lack of engine immobilizers. Earlier this month, a group of Attorneys General, from 17 states and the District of Columbia, sent a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) urging for a mandatory recall of certain Kia and Hyundai vehicles manufactured between 2011 and 2022. New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin was one of the signers.