Montclair’s Energy Assistance Program

wind turbines during golden hour

The Montclair Residential Energy Efficiency Program not only offers programs to reduce bills but also offers rebates and free assessments depending on the household income. You can see more on the website

The program has three sections:

(1) Comfort Partners (Renters and Homeowners) This FREE program helps income-eligible customers learn how to save energy while increasing the comfort and safety of their apartment or house.

(2) Home Weatherization Program (Homeowners and Renters) PSE&G residential customers may be eligible for a FREE energy efficiency assessment and up to $7,500 in energy efficiency, health, and safety upgrades at no charge.

(3) Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® (Homeowners) Take a “whole-home” approach to energy efficiency—and reduce your costs by up to 25%. You may be eligible for up to $5,000 in rebates and interest-free on-bill repayment.