AARP New Jersey Awards Grant to mGAP

Great News! AARP New Jersey Awards Grant to Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place as Part of its Nationwide Program to Make Communities More Livable. The Partners for Health Foundation matches AARP.

“We are honored to receive this award from AARP, as well as a matching grant from The Partners for Health Foundation, to mount an ADU Design Competition among architectural students,” said Ann Lippel, President of Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place. “The goal of the competition is to demonstrate to NJ residents and town planners that ADU construction is a path to better housing options for older residents as well as other citizens. An increased inventory of statewide accessible Accessory Dwelling Units must be part of the public policy strategy to provide more suitable housing options for all.”

Student competitors will design freestanding, practical, barrier free, and reusable Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s).  Winners will receive cash prizes up to $5000.

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