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Opinion: Top Benefits to Using a Smartphone for Seniors


Group Sessions for smartphone and tablet trainingWednesdays 10:30 – noon at Montclair Public Library. To register:call (973) 518 – 3867 to email: support@montclairgatewaycom

Drop-In sessions for more individualized attention: Tuesdays 3:30 -4:30 and Thursdays, 11 a.m. -noon at Edgemont Park House in cooperation with M.I.L.L.  Call: 973-744-3278

Volunteers Wanted for SS/ST©

Gateway is seeking additional peer coach navigators for the SmartSeniors/SmartTECH© program: if you are tech savvy and interested in volunteering, please contact support@montclairgateway.com or call (973) 518 3867.



Gateway is proud of the press coverage we have received for the technology transfer project we have developed and which we call SmartSeniors/SmartTECH©

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Upcoming Events

Coming Soon: Group Sessions at Wally Choice Center, Thursdays mornings.

Coming Soon: Modern Elders join Montclair Vision Zero Taskforce


Emerging Technology:

Smartphones and Assistive Technology

Do you need or have hearing aids? Today, the most hearing aid devices pair with your smartphones. The is just a glimpse of a growing trend in assistive technology for aging in place. We are monitoring those emerging devices which, managed through digital pairing, will impact our lives.

Many residents age 55 and older live in homes that will not be suitable for them as they age in place. Educating oneself now can be important. A class of consumer-based technology called Smart Assistive Technology (AT) is already on the market and designed to mitigate the accident potential of such homes: e.g. unlit rooms, running faucets, left-on stoves, etc. Additionally, many of your friends are already using wearable devices to count steps, measure blood pressure as well as insulin levels. MGAP will demystify an array of such devices through demonstration and individualized conversations.

  • The convergence of medicine and informatics is everywhere around us
  • Advances in in-home monitoring and smart voice-assisted devices [AT] abound
  • Smart use of AT can increase your independence and security as you age in place

Watch this space for more detail.

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