The Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place (Montclair G.A.P.) offers a variety of services to residents ages 55 years and older who want to live their best life locally. Our goal is to bridge the gap between existing services and real needs in order to help Montclair seniors to age in place.

Gateway to Vaccination

If you are older than age 55 and need help obtaining an appointment for a COVID vaccination, we can help. Please fill out the required Potential Client information requested by clicking here. Make sure to press submit. A Montclair G.A.P. volunteer will get back to you in a few days. If you are having difficulty filing out the form, leave a voice message at (973) 433- 5826.

Helpful Hints: Caring for your Vaccination Card

Gateway to Digital Communication

Montclair G.A.P. broadcasts timely information relevant to the growing “Third Age” generation through email and Facebook. Sign up on our Contact page. to be put on our mailing list.

Many of our older residents would like to increase their digital know-how. As more and more of our country’s Health Services and economic resource providers require on-line interaction, Montclair G.A.P. has established a Gateway to Digital Connectivity service. To request more information about equipment, tutorials or support, please leave a voice mail messages at (973) 433- 5826.

Gateway to Digital Connectivity

If you have a laptop computer which you no longer use and want to find a good home for it, please consider donating it to Laptop Upcycle, a local organization.  Montclair G.A.P. wants to provide older Montclair residents with refurbished computers at no cost.  Your donation could make an important difference to your neighbor’s quality of life during the COVID-19 pandemic. For further information on how to donate your gently used laptop, please go to, complete the DONATE  section, and Laptop Upcycle will contact you to confirm the information and coordinate a dropoff or pick up.  Once Laptop Upcyle receives the equipment, they will send you a tax receipt letter.  When you fill in the DONOR form, please identify the Montclair G.A.P. as the specific program or recipient you would like to support.

Gateway to Transportation

The Township of Montclair provides free transportatipon service to individuals ages 55 years and older. To find out how to use this service or other transportation options, call (973) 433- 5826, leave a voice message and request transportation information.

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