The Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place (Montclair G.A.P.) offers a variety of services to 50-Plus residents who want to live their best life locally. Our goal is to bridge the gap between existing services and real needs in order to help Montclair seniors to age in place.

Gateway to Housing.

In order for 50-plus residents to age in place, they must have a safe and reliable place of residence to reside in. Ever increasing costs for home maintenance and property taxes present unique financial challenges to our older residents. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are an emerging concept that homeowners across the country have applied to construction of rentable units on their property. Gateway has joined forces with a coalition of Montclair organizations to support a new local ordinance that expands development opportunities for construction of ADUsin Montclair. A yearlong educational campaign on the subject of ADUs will kickoff at an ADU Conference on Friday, May 20, 2022, followed by virtual sessions that will offer practical advice on the ABC’s of ADU construction.

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Helpful Hints: Caring for your Vaccination Card

Gateway to Transportation

The Township of Montclair provides free transportation service to individuals ages 55 years and older. To access this service, phone (201) 939 4242 Ext. 4 and speak with a dispatcher.

Gateway to Digital Equity

There are simple things that most people age 50 and under take for granted in their everyday life, like getting on the internet, leaving the house with only a smartphone and no cash, real time visits with friends and family who are miles away. These folks are confident that the digital world will empower them to do things that older folks never imagined could be done. The recent pandemic has demonstrated that the internet can be a source of frustration and even worse a threat to life for older citizens who do not know its ways. That is why the Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place has begun its SmartSeniors/SmartPhones© campaign, a pilot project to help our neighbors be comfortable with SmartPhones. The current Gateway to Digital Equity is designed to enable our community of older citizens to fully participate in the digital universe. Read more about the SmartSeniors/Smartphones project.

Peer Coach George Frole with Ms. Katherine Nicholas
Front Left to Right: Elaine Crocker, Barbara Chase, Terry Weeks with Peer Coaches Anita Clark, Ellie Bagli

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Smartseniors/SmartPhones© Training Session March, 2022