Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) … What’s in it for You?

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LOCAL UPDATE: On Tuesday night, January 24, 2023, the Montclair Town Council voted 5 votes for and 2 voted against a newly revised version of our local ADU Ordinance. This revision incorporates recent feedback from the Township Planning Board and tightens up language from the earlier version. Two mGAP Board members, Ann Lippel and Frank Millspaugh, have consistently participated in the Montclair ADU Task Force sessions, led by Council Member Lori Price Abrams, and we believe this new version both improves and clarifies the proposed ordinance. We expect a second reading and vote on this ordinance in February before it becomes law.

Scroll down for talking points in favor of adoption of an ADU Ordinance below:

Program Details:

There are two ADU bills pending in the New Jersey Legislature. There is a local ADU ordinance pending in Montclair. In 2021, Maplewood, NJ and Princeton, NJ passed their new ADU ordinances. Public policy leaders across the nation are considering ADUs as a viable housing option for the future.

Learn more about ADUs and why public policy leaders support this new type of housing option:

Transform: ADU Transformation Video from United Dwelling

ADU Resource Library

1.4 million Americans have added ADUs to their single family homes. Why?

  • Provides new income stream to homeowner
  • Improves property value
  • Adds to local housing stock with low cost to Township
  • Maintains character and integrity of neighborhoods
  • Is an environmentally positive housing initiative
  • Provides independent housing for extended family
    • helps keep families together while living independently
    • provides accessible housing for relatives aged 50-plus
    • provides housing for grown children returning to nest

MGAP 2022 Symposium of Highlights (If you missed our May 20, 2022 Symposium, you can view the proceedings at:

Keynote Speaker: Eli Spevak: Eli is a commissioner on the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission, co-founder of, owns his own construction/consulting firm (, and is consultant to AARP where he was the author of AARP’s The ABCs of ADUs.

Panel Discussion:

Peter Keating: Moderator, Investigative Journalist; MNDC Treasurer, Director of Montclair Chapter of United Way of Northern NJ

Zoe Baldwin: NJ Director, Regional Plan Association, leads research, planning, and advocacy that facilitate equitable, vibrant, and resilient communities through infrastructure and development

Laszlo Kiss: NJ architect with expertise in personalized service, progressive design concepts, and sustainable materials

Peter Yacobellis: Montclair Town Council Member at Large

Robin Seidon: Realtor and Founder of West of Hudson Real Estate Company

Wrap-Up Session: How Do We Do It Here?

Janice Tally: Montclair Town Planner

Marina Rubina: Princeton Architect, Innovative ADU designer

Symposium Organizing Committee:

Ann Lippel:  President of Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place; Member of Montclair Housing Commission

Harold Simon: recently retired executive director of the National Housing Institute and publisher of Shelter Force. Mr. Simon is a long term member of the Montclair Housing Commission.

Frank Millspaugh: retired public broadcasting executive; Vice President of Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place

William L. Scott Sr.: Co-chair of Montclair Housing Commission, Chair of NAACP Housing Committee;

Susan Craig: Secretary of Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place

Ellie Bagli: Director of Public Relations for Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place

Marilyn Graham: Board Member, Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place

Peter Keating: Investigative Journalist; MNDC Treasurer, Director of Montclair Chapter of United Way of Northern NJ

Wendy Lacey: Proprietor of The General Store at Cornerstone Montclair, a business with a vision of fostering a community in which people of all abilities have opportunities for meaningful work, social engagement and active lifestyles.

Leslie Kunkin: Montclair Realtor

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