Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs…What’s in it for You?

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There are two ADU bills pending in the New Jersey Legislature. There is a local ADU ordinance pending in Montclair. In 2021, Maplewood, NJ and Princeton, NJ passed their new ADU ordinances. Public policy leaders across the nation are considering ADUs as a viable housing option for the future.

Learn more about ADUs and why public policy leaders support this new type of housing option.

Virtual Symposium: ADUs … What’s in it For You? Webinar

(Link to recorded webinar will be uploaded soon.)

1.4 million Americans have added ADUs to their single family homes. Why?

  • Provides new income stream to homeowner
  • Improves property value
  • Adds to local housing stock with low cost to Township
  • Maintains character and integrity of neighborhoods
  • Is an environmentally positive housing initiative
  • Provides independent housing for extended family
    • helps keep families together while living independently
    • provides accessible housing for 50-plus relatives
    • provides housing for grown children returning to nest

Program of the Day

Keynote Speaker: Eli Spevak: Eli is a commissioner on the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission, co-founder of, owns his own construction/consulting firm (, and is consultant to AARP where he was the author of AARP’s The ABCs of ADUs.

Panel Discussion:

Peter Keating: Moderator, Investigative Journalist; MNDC Treasurer, Director of Montclair Chapter of United Way of Northern NJ

Zoe Baldwin: NJ Director, Regional Plan Association, leads research, planning, and advocacy that facilitate equitable, vibrant, and resilient communities through infrastructure and development

Laszlo Kiss: NJ architect with expertise in personalized service, progressive design concepts, and sustainable materials

Peter Yacobellis: Montclair Town Council Member at Large

Robin Seidon: Realtor and Founder of West of Hudson Real Estate Company

Wrap-Up Session: How Do We Do It Here?

Janice Tally: Montclair Town Planner

Marina Rubina: Princeton Architect, Innovative ADU designer

Symposium Organizing Committee:

Ann Lippel:  President of Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place; Member of Montclair Housing Commission

Harold Simon: recently retired executive director of the National Housing Institute and publisher of Shelter Force. Mr. Simon is a long term member of the Montclair Housing Commission.

Frank Millspaugh: retired public broadcasting executive; Vice President of Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place

William L. Scott Sr.: Co-chair of Montclair Housing Commission, Chair of NAACP Housing Committee;

Susan Craig: Secretary of Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place

Ellie Bagli: Director of Public Relations for Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place

Marilyn Graham: Board Member, Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place

Peter Keating: Investigative Journalist; MNDC Treasurer, Director of Montclair Chapter of United Way of Northern NJ

Wendy Lacey: Proprietor of The General Store at Cornerstone Montclair, a business with a vision of fostering a community in which people of all abilities have opportunities for meaningful work, social engagement and active lifestyles.

Leslie Kunkin: Montclair Realtor

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Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs.. What’s in it for You?