Mission Statement

Mission: What we do – Whom we serve – How we serve them 

Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place (mGAP) is an advocacy and service organization seeking solutions to the challenges faced by those of us in retirement age who wish to remain in our communities as we grow older. To date, the organization’s principal activities are to address the deficiency of suitable housing opportunities for our age group and to provide skills training and access to the on-line digital domain and its services. 


Vision: Our aspirations – Problem solving for the greater good – Change we hope to achieve 

Because the future will witness an ever-aging population, mGAP seeks to keep our age group civically active and socially engaged, both for our own benefit and that of the larger society. Therefore, we undertake service projects for the public good. We are also working to create a physical senior citizens center in addition to our current virtual one, to overcome social isolation, encourage civic engagement, and enable constructive community participation. We believe, that with these tools, we can increase community respect and promote a sense of personal dignity – the essence of aging in place.  



Call (201) 939-4242 Ext. 4

Montclair Gateway, PO Box 144, Verona, NJ 07044-9998

(Watch this space as we grow our services.)