Officers and Directors



President: Ann Lippel: During her 40 year career – first at New Jersey institute of Technology (NJIT) and then at University of Medicine and Dentistry (UMDNJ) – Ann focused her communication and technology skills toward development of the nascent distance learning educational system. She also served as Executive Director of the Eastern Educational Consortium. Serving her community as Chair of the Montclair Senior Citizens Advisory Committee for three terms and as Housing Commission member, she is now a founding member of The Gateway to Aging in Place.

First Vice President for Community Relations: Roger Terry. Retired from  35 year career in Montclair Police Force. Served as Montclair’s Deputy Mayor, 2008 -2012. Currently Vice President of Montclair Branch of the NAACP, Board Member of the Montclair Senior Citizens Advisory Council (SCAC) and Chair of Community Sub-committee of the COVID Task Force. 

Second Vice President for Development: Frank Millspaugh. During his career, Frank was general manager of a public radio station, chief development officer of a major public television station, executive director of a New York City media access institution, and development consultant to many nonprofit organizations. He is now involved in documentary film projects and in Montclair housing issues.

Secretary: Susan Craig. Susan and her family moved to Montclair in 1980 and, except for the years when she and her husband lived abroad, has remained committed to living in this town.      During the years living in different countries, she observed how communities respond to and support their older residents, a background she brings to her involvement in the G.A.P.    She was an ESL teacher of adults and worked with people from diverse cultures, languages and backgrounds; after her retirement she was a volunteer tutor with Literacy Volunteers of Northern NJ.  She is the Co-Chair of the Senior Citizens Advisory Committee.  

Treasurer: Louella Dudley. Retired after 37 years of service as Director and /or Administrator of various health-related programs located in hospitals, e.g., Interfaith Medical Center, Baruch College, Community -based Alcoholism Treatment Centers, and New York City Department of Health. Louella developed, implemented, coordinated, and supervised service delivery and is Co-Chair of the Montclair Senior Citizen Advisory Committee, AARP, Montclair Arts Museum, Newark Museum, and other civic organizations.

Director of Public Relations: Ellie Bagli. Retired from a 40-plus year career in public relations working with top toy companies including Mattel and Fisher-Price, as well as major consumer products companies. She worked with Sesame Workshop and spearheaded the campaign that established Tickle Me Elmo as a cultural icon. She brings a history of social justice work and community organizing from her post-graduate years. Upon retirement, she joined SCAC as secretary.  She also works with the UUCM Undoing Racism team.  A founding member of Montclair Gateway, she has helped execute the Campaign to Vaccination, registering more than 100 senior residents of Montclair.  

Director of Special Events: James Eason. A lifelong Montclair resident, Jim has been instrumental in organizing community programs like the Fourth of July Parade, African American Heritage Day, A Veteran of the Vietnam War, Jim is also an active advocate for gun safety and veteran’s rights.

Director of Client Services: Gail Abramowitz. After a long and successful career in healthcare and nutrition, Gail finds herself immersed in volunteer efforts to improve the community. She works with SCAC, Lifelong Montclair, Mountainside Hospital, and the Medical Reserve Corps. She considers it a privilege to work with G.A.P. to enhance the lives of seniors by providing social, emotional, and other support services that are synergistic to those already available in our community.

Computer and Information Systems Advisor: Susan Symzcak. Susan has introduced, educated, and implemented technology for individuals, corporations, and non profits for more than 35 years.  She has extensive experience in building alliances and leading cross-functional teams to drive change across businesses through automation.  She is excited to assist Montclair Gateway in connecting our seniors to their community via technology.

Director of Research: Jeanette Jimenez. Jean is an accomplished business professional in the financial and academic industries with an extensive background in communications, training and development and proven administrative support to senior management.  She worked with a technical school to teach computer skills.

Director of Veterans Affairs: Clarence Jackson